Saturday, May 13, 2006

In the cue....

Unfortunately this last month of my life has been an absolute dog fight. Consequently I've had no opportunity to post to either of my blogs. Being in third year of my degree, university academia has become incredibly demanding.

I just submitted a very large piece of assessment last night, now I have to focus on submitting 2 oral presentations, along with 2 written pieces on this week; plus a slew of other fiddly things that I need to complete for successful completion of this degree.

Having said that, I will not let it beat me. I only have to get through this next week and then I can start to focus on exam preparation.

I will get there.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Mind Mapping

So I have mid-semester exams coming up and have decided to adopt the mind map strategy which I have read about in Tony Buzan's books.

What is mind mapping??
Essentially it is the use of both your right (creative) and left (analytical) hand side of your brain. By applying my creative skills with the use: colour, drawings and the use of different formats of writing, it enables me to create a flow and tie the story together.

I am typically an average student; although I know that I have more potential, I get distracted very easily. By adopting these study techniques I feel that I have already cemented so concepts in my head and will be able to regurgitate appropriate responses for my exams.

Here is one of the mind maps that I have already drawn up; not a work of art I know but it seems to be helping. This is a summary of one of my lectures on "Food Systems" for my Nutrition unit. It does take a bit more motivation then I am used to and I have to stop myself from being lazy and getting distracted but I am trying.

Currently, I have a GPA (grade point average) of 4.95; with 1 the lowest and 7 the highest and I average about 65- 70% for exams. I am hoping this will really pick my GPA up and to potentially be able to get an average of 85% for exams.

With that being said, I better stop procrastinating and get back to work. Jamie always says to me that 20% of the work gives you 80% of the results- I just hope that this is the right 20%.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Holistic Health

Well this is the first true post in the saga that is my personal development and it is focused upon what I have gotten myself into.

Have been getting up in the wee hours of the morning to go cycling as part of my grand scheme to improve my mental and physical capabilities. I really do enjoy it; it's kind of hard to get up at 5am but once you are out it is really peaceful. Anyway, a friend of mine mentioned that she was doing the South-West News Mall 2 mall Ride but thought that I probably wouldn't do it; I think she may have used reverse pyschology. This is a bike ride that goes from Brisbane to Ipswich; approximately 50km. Yikes!!!!

As part of my development; inspired by the courage to live consciously, I have decided to put myself into situations that I would normally be adverse to. I am also quite an active procrastinator; it's amazing how university study makes you feel like you are far to busy for anything but studying, these things combined I avoid situations beautifully and therefore miss out on opportunities and life itself.

So instead of thinking about it, I said yes. So come 8am, Saturday 22nd April I will be embarking on a bike ride like I have never done before. How exciting!!!!!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Why??

I now have two blogs, why??? Because I'm greedy??? Maybe.

The original reason I started blogging was to develop my thoughts, work on myself and overall, become a better person. The funny thing is though is that my other love started coming to the forefront: pop culture, obscurity and things I find interesting. So now I've decided to dedicate Bitches on Heat to this and this blog to my journey.

We shall see where it takes me..........